Welcome! I'm Rhonda Andrews.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Specializing in Adoption

As children, adults, and families grow and go through developmental stages, crisis can occur that lead them to the point of needing some extra support to get through the crisis time.

I believe in self determination, and that a person ultimately knows what is best for themselves. Additionally, I believe that parents are the experts regarding their own children. Parents know their children better than anyone. I work alongside parents to maximize their parenting efforts. I believe very strongly in working as a team with families and individuals to create the most effective solutions for them. Advocacy for children”s safety, health and well being continues to be an important factor in my career, and I believe education is the best way to achieve this. I also believe that everyone has the ability to grow and change and fulfill their potential.

I blend approaches of cognitive-behavioral, developmental, systems, attachment, filial therapy, and play therapy theories which results in my ability to meet the specific mental health needs of my clients.

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